About Me

Hiya there!
How are you today?
I know why you are here on my page.
Probably you are having problems in your private life with your partner/wife/husband/boyfriend or girlfriend. Please don’t go any further and stay here, keep on reading, as this is the right place to be.
Let me introduce myself.

My name is Sergio Arise and I can fix your relationships in a very short period of time if you follow my advice.
I am a relationship fixer.
Or so-called a breakup expert or relationship coach. I have been helping thousands of different-aged people to live happier, brighter, and merrier in their lives since 2008.
I happily married for many years. I make our relationship better and happier every day.


Thousands of consultations and thousands of happy thankful stories are not the only proof of my success.
Over 11 years of experience helping different people with different backgrounds from all over the world, consulting men and women on how to meet & seduce the opposite sex and then build a respectful relationship where the interests of two are valued.
I can say for sure that I am a specialist in female and male psychology, knowing which “buttons” to push in order to get the necessary result.
I`m an expert in getting an ex back. I was invited to primal channels. I am proud to offer my expertise to you if you have sad or difficult moments in your life with your partner.
My books and booklets are:
“Get Your Girlfriend Back”, “Get Your Wife Back”, “Get Your Husband Back”, “How to get your ex boyfriend back”, “Female behavior 101”, “Ways To Influence a Woman”,  “Ways To Influence a Man” and many others.
You can contact me on Facebook:
or email me at exbackhow@yahoo.com
If you want to read the first chapters of my books about getting an ex back, just write to me and I`ll send them.