Many men only focus on lavish, material things and ambitious goals. They want to paint an ideal picture, in which their relationships and lives are perfect. The truth is that our lives and relationships are not picture perfect, but many people forget this.

I have seen many successful and interesting people who have a lot of resources, but they make themselves unhappy. Others may have much less, yet they are happier than their richer counterparts. Why does this occur? It occurs because many men don`t understand a lot of important things.

Our lives are not reflected in beautiful pictures on Instagram. Our lives consist of experiences and emotions that form our reality. If we try to get into a beautiful picture, we`ll be able to be there, but that doesn`t mean that we`ll be happy in this picture.

For example, a man who lives in a posh house drives several luxury cars and has a beautiful wife and family can be unhappy. Why? His beautiful wife can create hysteria for any reason under the sun. In order to pacify her and maintain such a standard of living, a man can drive himself into a state of severe stress that may cause him to overeat, drink alcohol excessively, and so on.

If this is the case, should we refuse to paint our lives into beautiful pictures? No, we shouldn`t. If you want to own a beautiful house and luxury cars, then so be it. However, instead of merely focusing on pictures and material gains, you can pay more attention to things that make you happier. I have an exercise to help you do just that. I`m a relationship coach who can provide you with the tools for improving or creating a better relationship.

Perhaps you want to win back your beloved or improve your relationship. In most cases, a man may imagine a happy picture with his ex.  You may also be able to recall some particularly joyful memories, and wish to climb back into this picture. Unfortunately, many men who wanted the same thing got themselves back into this picture before they then lost their relationships again. This is why we need to develop another way to ensure lasting happiness for you and your partner after reconciliation.

In order to be in a happy relationship, we first need to realize what a happy relationship is. When I first completed this exercise, it helped me to better envision the kind of relationship I wanted and to attain it. At that time, I was alone and it helped me to find and form a great relationship. Afterward, my students tried it and had good results too.

I will now explain how you can do this exercise too. Relationships consist of the time you spend together. Therefore, your task is to describe your idea of the perfect, yet ordinary day spent together, a day which you could relive over and over, and still feel exhilarated each time. You need not describe a vacation or day off together, but a typical, simple day with her. Of course, you`ll be able to describe vacations and weekends too but just start with a perfect version of your average day together.

To achieve better results, I recommend you get rid of all of your limitations, negative thoughts, and worries. Just dream about the things you want to occur during this day.

Lastly, this exercise will be more useful if you write down your thoughts and ideas. When you write something down, you help yourself to decide what it is that you want.

Here is my list of questions feel free to add yours too: 🙂

Where would you wake up?

What would you do with her in the morning?

What would you two do during the day?

How would you spend time together?

How would you treat each other?

Would she give you compliments and show appreciation for you throughout the day?

Would she support you?

Would she cook some food for the two of you?

Would she give you a massage?

What would you do for her?

What would you do together?

The more details you write, the easier it will be to manifest them. Sometimes, people think about their worries instead of their dreams. Don`t get yourself into this trap. Write down what you really want; don`t write down your fears or limitations. To make things happen, you need to know what you want.

After completing the above questions for the perfect ordinary day, you`ll be able to describe a vacation or day of the weekend. You can also describe a week or three months of your time together, as it`ll help you to create a better dynamic for your relationship. Using this exercise will improve your relationship, as well as your life.

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