I want to reveal to you the secret of how to make your ex wife fall in love with you after a breakup. After all, it often happens that only having parted do you realize that you made a big mistake, losing someone who is truly important to you. But restoring a relationship after separation is not easy. Let’s look at the main reasons why love has gone and how to get it back.

In order to restore love in a relationship, you need to understand why it disappeared. This will make it easier to revive the feelings and get your wife back.

Love and relationships are like a flower that needs attention and care. If it is not watered, it will wither. Remove it from the sun and it will feel sick. If it is overwatered or is given too much sun, then it will also die. 

Something similar happens in a relationship.

Here are some possible problems that may have killed your wife’s love:

Relationships and feelings were not maintained. Feelings fade when they are not maintained. For example, if you pay little attention to your lover, and don’t think about how you spend time together and your mutual entertainment. Many men sacrifice attention for their loved ones for the sake of their career or business. They think that spending time together isn’t important, and then, when their woman leaves, they regret it.

A lot of negativity. On the other hand, feelings can be killed by pain and negativity that may be radiated by the man for various reasons. A man can become very negative because of problems at work or something else, so he starts constantly nagging and scolding a woman for something. Or he just goes into depression for a long time and for months his wife attempts to get him out of it, without any results. Remember, it’s very difficult to be in a relationship with a man who is negative all the time for too long.

The man did not live up to her expectations. Before the relationship developed, the partners had expectations from each other. Most likely your spouse was bitterly disappointed. Usually, negative attitude that is created by a disappointing relationship overshadows those feelings that may still be hiding in the depths of her soul. And she just runs away from this negativity.

The man is fixated on one thing and does not want to see the whole picture. There is often a problem of understanding when everyone lives in their own world and forgets about the emotional needs of the other partner. For some reason, men believe that the main thing is to make money and everything else will automatically be fine. This is a mistake because is important to pay attention to different aspects of life.

Cheating. Betrayal tells the woman that she is not important. She always needs to be demonstrated that she is important and valuable to her man. Betrayal greatly lowers her self-esteem. Pain settles deep inside her soul and blocks the love she may have felt for her man.

It’s very important to work on solving the problems in the relationship and not to turn a blind eye to them. Otherwise, after you succeed in getting her back, she will likely leave again.

How to Make Your Wife Fall Back in Love with You After Separation?

Make Your Wife Fall Back in Love with You


Briefly, the classic scheme of falling in love at the beginning of a relationship looks like this: a man strongly attracts a woman + he gives her those emotions that the woman craves + he creates the expectation that their future will be pleasant.

An interesting peculiarity of relationships is that the emotions that a woman craves are not always the emotions that most men think about. Over time, there can be too much of one emotion, while others turn out to be unfulfilled, and the thirst to get them increases.

The difficulty is that the classical scheme of falling in love is not quite suitable for getting an ex-wife back.


  1. The future that your wife was waiting for is disappointing. Now she expects a negative future if she remains with you and she doesn’t want to be in the relationship.
  2. Some emotional needs may be oversaturated, while others may be unsatisfied. A man can still try to meet old needs, not seeing and understanding the whole picture.
  3. Perhaps there were events that created a lot of pain and negative experiences, due to which the ex doesn’t want to try and be with her man—she is afraid of experiencing the same pain of disappointment again. The ex may push back when you try to get closer or even ignore any communication in order to avoid unpleasant emotions.

You will need an improved scheme of making her fall in love with you in this case. Here it is:

  1. You need to restore your attractiveness if it went down during the relationship.
  2. Remove her emotional defense that she uses to protect herself from the relationship and communication with you. This is the reason why she communicates with you rather dryly or does not communicate at all.
  3. To create in her the understanding that she will receive precisely those emotions from you which she lacks now. This can be done by creating your new attractive image—the improved version of yourself.
  4. Giving her the necessary emotions in doses, so that she is strongly drawn to you and misses you.

Sometimes men do not understand what emotions women need at a certain moment. Sometimes, women get repelled by what the man himself wants. For example, if a man wants tenderness, affection, care and declarations of love, he will try to give the same to the woman. That is, he will expect this in return. But this may not work.

For example, a woman may need next to her a strong male leader who will put her in her place if she is too impudent. She may need him to show her that he has his limits and boundaries and that she should respect them. Then she will be happy that she has such a man next to her and start being more tender, affectionate and caring towards him, giving him compliments and so on. On the other hand, if she acts rudely and means, and he only repeats that he loves and worships her, then she may lose interest in him. And then he will not hear her say that she loves him, or see her being tender to him.

It is important to diagnose problems in order to understand what she really needs. As a rule, what she needs is the opposite of what she got a lot of. But there may be emotional needs that the man simply did not take into account.

Here are some possible examples:

  • There were too much attention and gifts—you need to take away the attention and then give it to her in doses.
  • Not enough attention and entertainment—you need to start adding this slowly, at the same time showing her how you changed.
  • You put her on a pedestal and forgot about your own needs, doing everything for her—It is important to show her that you are an important, valuable and attractive man. Show her that you are attractive to other women, that you love and appreciate yourself, and not just her.
  • If she felt not needed and you were selfish—you need to show her you changed, that you started to appreciate other people and not just yourself. Slowly start getting closer to her.
  • You were too soft and passive in the relationship—you need to become a leader and more clearly defend your boundaries in communication with her and other people.

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