In this article, I`ll tell you about getting back together a third time. Yes, you can get her back after multiple breakups, but you have to pay more attention to the source of the breakups.

She broke up with you again, because you didn’t address all of the reasons she left you the first time.

In a situation of repeated breakups, there will always be obstacles and opportunities to getting your wife or girlfriend back.

It is a great advantage if she still feels some attraction to you. Possibly, on one side of her mind, she wants a relationship with you, but on the other side doesn’t. That’s why it’s difficult for her to decide.

In many other courses, instructors recommend trying to influence her emotions and don’t pay enough attention to the root of problems in a relationship. That’s why using their books, video program or articles you can fix a relationship, but she`ll be able to break up with you again.

This happens because women will get back in a relationship where they don’t feel full happiness but believe it could be possible. They can spend a long time in such a relationship, but most women will leave a man when she sees unsolved problems that make her unhappy for a long time.

That’s why I want to pay more attention to such problems and solving issues.

One of the top problems is conflict with values, goals, and wishes.

For example, a woman wants to live in one country, but a man wants to live in another country. They live separately and can visit each other, but they can’t decide where to live together.

In such a situation they should find a compromise but this can be difficult, and they may need counseling to find a solution.

Sometimes it’s difficult to understand all of the problems in a relationship.

There a few solutions for such a case.

The first one is making a list of the last ten conflicts. It could be a huge fight or just a dispute.  After writing them down try to find the reasons for each conflict. My students often realize their conflicts can have a common cause, where the conflict is a symptom of one or more main issues.

For example, a girl doesn’t feel valued and loved in a relationship and her need to solve this problem leads to conflict.

Another reason for breaking up could be that you’ve ignored her wishes and are overly critical of her.

The second solution can be asking someone like a counselor for help finding and solving these problems. Experts can see people’s blind zones and help them to see more clearly in order to fix such problems.

How to Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back After Multiple Breakups?

When a girlfriend leaves a man, a man will be able to start acting. He has fears to lose her and this motivation can help him to show yourself in another way. After a man realizes that he got her back and everything is okay, he can relax and stop doing important things to make her happy. He didn`t change his habits and that`s why he can return to the same scenario and his girlfriend will be able to leave him again. She expects changes, but in such a situation she sees only a fake. There are just words, not real changes.

The reason for such a case is paying not enough attention to solving problems in a relationship. Often a man should work with his worries, self-esteem, confidence and the way to make her girlfriend happy. A man has some destructive scenarios in a relationship. Maybe he doesn`t feel very attractive or thinks that she`s better than him. On the opposite side, he could be very selfish and not satisfy her needs. The root of destructive patterns can be toxic to a relationship. A man should find these destructive scenarios and change them to positive ones. After that, he should develop new habits in a relationship.

To win your ex back for the third time you should work with your issues.

It`s quite important to work with yourself for making a new happy relationship with your ex.

Another important thing can be a strong influence from her family or friends. They can hate a man and try to destroy a relationship. In that case, a man needs to decrease their influence or improve his relationship with them.  

There can be a lot of difficult situations. If you don`t work with a root of problems in a relationship, you`ll be able to repeat the breakup experience. Change yourself for being in a happy relationship. You can handle this instead of putting yourself in a painful experience.

If you have any questions you can leave your comments under this article, I will answer you as soon as I can.

Frequently Asked Questions

1)     Can a relationship work after several breakups?

Yes, it`ll be able to work, if you solve problems in a relationship.

2)     Can I get her back after two breakups?

Yes, you can get her back, but if you want to be in a long happy relationship, you`ll have to work with a root of problems in your relationship.

3)     Why did she break up with me again?

She feels positive and negative emotions, that`s why she can`t decide to be with you or not to be. Without you, she missed positive emotions with you and wanted you back.

When you were together she felt unhappy about something and wanted to leave you. This mixed association creates inner conflicts in her head and a woman can act very strange.

4)     Do exes come back a third time?

If you change yourself and influence her emotions in the right way, she`ll come back.

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31 thoughts on “How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back for The Third Time

  1. My boyfriend broke up with me yesterday, we´ve been on and off for nearly three years now. He broke up with me now with the same reason as last year in february, and wrote to me a month after no contact. But it´s the same reason he broke up this time like it was last year,i think last year was a much worse break up. He wrote to me the day after he broke up (this year) that he has a hard time believing me changing, because i never did when i promised in the relationnship.

    We got in a serious relationship last september again BUT i´ve been having problems on letting the past between us go, i feel like me still being sad about things we did towards eachother made me hold back alot of feelings and showing feelings. This has been an issue for him much of the time we spent together, he told me multiple times that he had to see a change in that or else he can´t be with me, he didn´t felt that much love from me even if i really loved him. Each time he nearly broke up with me because he didn´t see a change, i always said that i will change and show more emotions. I really thought i would change but it was harder than i thought. He nearly broke up with me multiple times, but stayed everytime i promised change because he had such strong feelings towards me. Alot of things made me hold back feelings, my own securities, things we did in the past to eachother that was really bad and that my family don´t like him anymore because of things he did.
    I got desperate yesterday and said i will change AGAIN, this time is gonna be different and blahblah. But i confessed about why i didn´t change in the relationship, i didn´t take his words seriously when he nearly broke up and that i know my faults, what i can work on and i know it was wrong that i grieved our past when i was with him, it´s not wrong to grieve, but it affected me so much that i got stuck in overthinking that instead of working on the relationship. He wrote to me today ” my feelings got a little less stronger each time you promised me change and i didn´t see any, i gave you so many chances just because i´ve never felt this way before and i really wanted to be with you, if i only saw A LITTLE change i know my feelings would be as strong as they´ve always been” So he wanted to be with me but he couldn´t stand to give any more chances. Do you think i have a chance in getting him back, even after multiple breakups with the same reason it got to an end? I´m ready to let go off all things that made me hold back, i know what i did wrong, what i can and will work on and i´m ready to put in work for that

    this time it´s different, when we got in a relationship again september 2018 he told me he wants to grow, and he can´t grow if we end up doing the same mistakes as in the last relationships, now that happened.. and he said ´if i saw just one little change my feelings would be as strong as always´but he never saw a change, everytime he nearly broke up with me i said i´m going to change, i really thought so, but i didn´t know why i wasn´t able to change. I know that now, it´s from me still being really sad from the past, i didn´t know that i was actually kind of unhappy with him just for that, so i wasn´t able to show how much i loved him. I told him yesterday that i know everything that held me back and everything that i could´ve done better,
    He said ” it´s hard to believe that you know that now when you didn´t change everytime you said you would in the relationship” i´m worried he´s not going to believe me at all and not give me another chance
    Please help! Do you think there´s still a chance?

    1. Hello,
      Yes, you have a chance to get him back. You need to show your changes instead of talking about them.

  2. Hi my name is jonas . I broken up with my girlfriend 4 times over this 3 years being together . And all 4 break ups was my decisions ~ because of my ego and selfishness and didnt appreciateher enough. We are still seeing each other now. And over the last 1 month i have been changing my attittude towards her. The bad part is she is dating me and another guy. And i can see it in her eyes she has feelings for him… but she still loves me alot. But i know she is just afraid to commit to me as she thinks all of the bad things might happen again. I know my mistakes and felt pain and suffering for whatever i did to her. And i finnaly know and felt how important she is to me in my life and how much i love her ~ I’m 22 she’s 20 the guy who is chasing her now is 19… please help me and give me some suggestions.

    1. You need to prove that everything will be in another way with you next time.

  3. I made so many mistakes in my relationship. Shouting and getting aggressive sometimes. I also Showed signs of insecurities and weakness. After a break up with my ex I made so many mistakes. Calling her names and showing neediness and desperation and that made to tell me to forget about her and move on. Is there any advice to get her back because we’ve been together for long and I love her so much

    1. You need to change yourself and show your new attractive image to her.

  4. After more then two years and multiple on and offs I think I finally blew it. I that when we broke up there was still love between us but this is’nt the problem. she doesn’t feel attracted to me due to me never following through with the things I said. she stopped believing in me. We had breaks and she also ended the relationship before for those same reasons but I was always able to convince her I would change. we have now reached the point where she says she still loves me or has feelings towards me but she’s not attracted. I think I really fucked up this time because even if I change she thinks I will fall back into my old spiral… please help me

    1. You need a lot of proves that you`ve changed and everything will be different. The more proves you give her – the easier for her to believe in your future happy relationship.

  5. I screwed up alot in the beginning of the relationship *lying, cheating, etc*. Through that, my ex still stuck it out with me. The first time we broke up, it was my fault for panicking and telling a white lie that shouldn’t have been needed. Still got her back and I tried to hit the ground running with spending time with her and making memories with her…but I never built back her trust the way I should have. After a year and half of dating she broke up with me 2 weeks ago. She said, she always had a fear that I was going to hurt her again, and that she moved on and that I should too…that she dind’t see a future with me and she didn’t want to try. Felt like it came out of nowhere but I also realized how much I’ve neglected her these past few months because of work and school and the stress and unhappiness that everything brought on me and therefore on us. At first she wanted a clean, clear break-up. No contact again, ever. She wasn’t mad, just wanted to cut it off. But the following few days we still hungout and act relatively normal, even hooked up once (nothing intimate) but I think that scared her cuz she’s been keeping distance ever since. But since the break-up she’s always been the one to reach out to me about something (trivial or not). I’ve only reached out once to which she rejected… Since the break up, I’ve been in multiple therapy sessions to try and learn to open, made changes to my habits like quit drinking (was drunk alot when i did stupid stuff) and hired a relationship coach to help me read and navigate her actions because I can only read everything negatively. Do you think I have a chance? How do I get back to a place where maybe we’re not right off the bat dating but at least where I can spark her interest again?

    1. Yes, you have a chance to get her back.
      You hired a coach 2 weeks ago. Did he help you?

  6. Dear Relationship Coach,

    So myself and my girlfriend broke up just over 2 months ago. This is the second time that we have broken up. The reason for the break-up this time was because I was over critical about her, I would tell her small lies about my financial situation or when I was going out with friends.

    We were living together for a very short while and it was great living together overall.
    I do know that I love her with all my heart and I do want to marry this girl.
    I told her before I would change and for a long time I had changed my ways so that I could make her feel comfortable with me. However, I slipped back into who I was the first time. This led to a second break-up.

    Can you please help me and is there any advice you could give me that I may know if there is one more chance with this girl. She really did make me feel special.

    Thanks & Regards


    1. Luke,
      Why did you slip back into who you were the first time?

  7. My bf has left me again. this is the 2nd major breakup with alot of other breakups in between but he will normally be back after a few days. mainly cos we were fighting alot and never really addressed the issue. the first round I made the mistake of trying to talk to him which resulted in him being very nasty , but when he thought I had moved on after I stopped contacting him for a wk and went overseas , he wanted me back . This time he asked again , and I agreed, and 2 days later he told he missed me etc but as I was still upset, I said somethings that made him upset and he said we will talk again . when I tried contacting him again 6 days later, he was determined to end the rship and told me not to get back into the cycle again and we shd let go of each other. it’s been 3 wks of no contact and he hasn’t reached out to me . will I still get him bk ?

    1. You still have a chance to get him back, but you`ll need to work on your issues if you want to be with him.

  8. Hi,
    im devasteted. I was with my boyfriend for about one year, we were living together. We broke up after one year, and i’ve blocked him on social media, he reaches out to my friend after 3 months, and we got back together. We were again with each other for about 6 months, and he broke up with me. He said he is feeling like shit in our relationship, that im always mad, always fight with him for no reason, when all he ever given me was pure love. I agree with him, i have mental health problem, and I was always treating him bad… We have our good moments, but we were fighting a lot, and all the time I was the one who starts this. I begged him to rethink his decision, that we love each other, that im gonna work on myself, but he said that if he is gonna still be with me he is gonna kill himself. That he loves me, that Im the love of his life he wanted to be strong for both of us, but he can’t do it anymore. He said that he wanted to be friend with me (he means only texting to each other from time to time), that he is not looking for anybody right know. But after week, he create an accounts on dating website, and he is searching for someone. He is even talk to my friend on tinder (wich he doesn’t know that is my friend) and tell them that he is right after a relationship, that he is never coming back to me again. because now hes got 100% sure after our second Chance that its not gonna work. Im so mad at myself, that i didn’t apreciate him more before, that i was arguing with him, then talk to him calmly, and also im mad that i didnt took any steps to make my mental health be better. I going on therapy since 2 weeks. I love him, and Im broken that he feels like that because of me, and also that i ‘ve made our relationship toxic. I want to show him that i can change, and i want to give him love that he was given to me, but im afraid that i lost him forever. Is there any Chance in this situation? If so, can you give me a plan or advice what to do right now. Im sorry for my English

    1. Hello, you need to show your changes after therapy.
      You can use social media, his environment and special text messages for influencing his emotions. If you want to know more about this method send me an email to

  9. Ive been in a relationship with Czarina Joy Flores for 6 months however we’ve been broken up 4 times already because I’ve lied to her so many times and had a long distant relationship with another female however I cut her off and blocked her from social media’s account. My ex gf Czarina Joy Flores told me that she’s willing to love me however my lying trait is what she doesnt like. I beg and pleaded with her to take me back but, she said that she gave me too many chances and I am the ex for a reason. We have sex together even though we’ve broken up. She always initiate the contact like phone call and text. I am the only guy that she ever had sex with. I am the only guy that always backs her up like giving $700 to pay her apartment because she was short of money 2 weeks ago and I didn’t ask anything back. I love her and willing to do everything for her. I brought her to New York for the first the time as well and she enjoyed it so much. This past Monday I got a unexpected text from her that her car needed a maintenance and needed a ride home and ofcourse I gave her a ride home I always said yes to her and never say no to her favors. When I picked her up she was happy to see me even though we were broken up for month. She asked me about my life and etc. We also got a car financed under her name but I am using it and I pay her monthly for including the insurance however I got in accident 2 weeks ago. She told one time that she wished the car is a total loss that way she doesn’t have anything affiliated with me however this past mo day she said the needs to work for me to use. We still talk and I just slept right next to her this past Monday. Nothing happened between us too. Right now I am improve the new me and I joined the US army and will leave on Aug 13th for basic training. The problem is that I am there for her I always buy her food and pick her eve though were broken up. I never gave her space because she always calls me and go to her house. I am a yes man to her. How can I get her back?

    1. I think you need to analyze your issues and relationship.

      My lying trait is what she doesn’t like.

      Okay. That can be one trait she doesn`t like, but you need to find other traits, improve yourself and show this to her.

  10. I dated a girl for about a year or so with three breakups. We haven’t gotten back together since last November. But in that time, we’ve hooked up, she’s met me extended family, visited me in Chicago, and we’ve chatted for months and things seemed like they were back to normal. I was selfish in college, I took advantage of the fact that I had her and then broke up with her because she wanted to do long distance after I moved to Chicago and she was in her last year of school but I didn’t even though before I had agreed to it. I guess I wanted a fresh start in Chicago and try dating others but in the time that I’ve been here I haven’t met anyone as great as her. Her and I had our great moments, we travelled together to the beach, and Chicago; went on dates during our time together, sat down and watched rom coms. it’s not like it was a toxic relationship because it wasn’t but I definitely could’ve tried harder. Looking back on it, I absolutely adored her and still do. Back in June, she told me that I need to see life without her if we ever have a chance at getting back together in the future. I took the time of us not talking since then to see a therapist, work on everything that I saw fault with us/myself and have been working to improve it. Communication, commitment, and maturity. I went to meet up with her recently and told her the areas I was improving in, how they negatively affected our relationship and built upon how I want to improve in them. She told me I’ve hurt her too much with our last break up for me to get back together with her and but she said she’s proud of me and says she’s always here for me. She said she wants someone that head over heels for her and that I might be calm. I promise I am capable of giving her more attention that she deserves and being more exciting emotionally. I want her back, so bad. I need to take more time to better myself and prove to her that I’m better and show her that I can give her the best of me and that I’m willing to visit her as much as possible and show her that I can be exactly who I could’ve been dating her. I just don’t know how to prove it so many miles away from her (over 700 miles). But getting back together with her is the only option for me.

    1. Hello, KM
      You can use social media and tell her stories with proves of your changes.

  11. What if an ex breaks up with you for a second time because you have to constantly discuss changes that he needs to make because it hurts you, but places blame on you instead and tell you that you harass him about it and in return leaves? How can we help the ex to realize that they are the ones causing the damage?

    1. Hello, SP!
      Maybe you criticized him too much but didn`t give enough positive feedback. He could be tired of your behavior.
      Instead of criticizing him, you can give him more compliments and appreciation for things you like.

  12. Hi I’m Adrian and my girlfriend broken up two times now do I have another chance with her or no I’m emotional person and it took a toll on me today.

  13. is this thread still active?
    either way, i need your help guys.

    So my exgf broke up with me 3 weeks ago, in week 1 she’s really relieved and really out going with her life in her home town, drinking, swimming and been to gatherings with her old High school friends, now in my 3rd week of no contact, she’s been giving subtle hints on tiktok or instagram stories that she misses me, should i reach out or wait for her to reach out?

    1. btw, we’ve been together for almost 2 years (may 25th 2nd anniversary) so i really want us to fix this before that if its possible…

      kinda lost right now

  14. Hey guys, my girlfriend told me last week that she thinks is best that her and I live separate and we take time separate so we can work on some underlying issues. We have been together for a year and this would be the third time we broke up. The last two times we broke up We we’re separate for 2-3 months. I can honestly say that at that time I thought it was enough time to figure things out but we are back to the same spot. She told me that same day that the issues that she is having problems with is how my anxiety flares up when her and I argue, that when we argue I drag it out for an unnecessary amount of time and that I have a problem with wanting to push stuff under the rug and not deal with them. She told me that she has had to put her foot down so i know she’s serious about me getting help. She has made comments that she loves me so much and having to do this hurts her bad, that she didn’t want it to get to this point but she feels alike she has no choice and that I’m the person she wants but I need to get the help I need. She told me that once she sees that I have worked on the issues and she sees improvements that we can talk about picking up where we left off and she told me that she will reach out to me and check up on me. I have also heard that she has been talking and flirting with this guy from her bar that she works at. What I’m triangle to figure out is do I have a chance of getting her back? If so how should I go about this?

    1. Hello, William.

      You have a chance to get her back.
      You shouldn`t go about that situation.

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