In this article, I`ll tell you about getting back together a third time. Yes, you can get her back after multiple breakups, but you have to pay more attention to the source of the breakups.

She broke up with you again, because you didn’t address all of the reasons she left you the first time.

In a situation of repeated breakups, there will always be obstacles and opportunities to getting your wife or girlfriend back.

It is a great advantage if she still feels some attraction to you. Possibly, on one side of her mind, she wants a relationship with you, but on the other side doesn’t. That’s why it’s difficult for her to decide.

In many other courses, instructors recommend trying to influence her emotions and don’t pay enough attention to the root of problems in a relationship. That’s why using their books, video program or articles you can fix a relationship, but she`ll be able to break up with you again.

This happens because women will get back in a relationship where they don’t feel full happiness but believe it could be possible. They can spend a long time in such a relationship, but most women will leave a man when she sees unsolved problems that make her unhappy for a long time.

That’s why I want to pay more attention to such problems and solving issues.

One of the top problems is conflict with values, goals, and wishes.

For example, a woman wants to live in one country, but a man wants to live in another country. They live separately and can visit each other, but they can’t decide where to live together.

In such a situation they should find a compromise but this can be difficult, and they may need counselling to find a solution.

Sometimes it’s difficult to understand all of the problems in a relationship.

There a few solutions for such a case.

The first one is making a list of the last ten conflicts. It could be a huge fight or just a dispute.  After writing them down try to find the reasons for each conflict. My students often realize their conflicts can have a common cause, where the conflict is a symptom of one or more main issues.

For example, a girl doesn’t feel valued and loved in a relationship and her need to solve this problem leads to conflict.

Another reason for breaking up could be that you’ve ignored her wishes and are overly critical of her.

The second solution can be asking someone like a counselor for help finding and solving these problems. Experts can see people’s blind zones and help them to see more clearly in order to fix such problems.

How to Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back After Multiple Breakups?

When a girlfriend leaves man, a man will be able to start acting. He has fears to lose her and this motivation can help him to show yourself in another way. After a man realizes that he got her back and everything is okay, he can relax and stop doing important things to make her happy. He didn`t change his habits and that`s why he can return to the same scenario and his girlfriend will be able to leave him again. She expects changes, but in such a situation she sees only a fake. There are just words, not real changes.

The reason for such a case is paying not enough attention to solving problems in a relationship. Often a man should work with his worries, self-esteem, confidence and the way to make her girlfriend happy. A man has some destructive scenarios in a relationship. Maybe he doesn`t feel very attractive or thinks that she`s better than him. On the opposite side, he could be very selfish and not satisfy her needs. The root of destructive patterns can be toxic to a relationship. A man should find these destructive scenarios and change them to positive ones. After that, he should develop new habits in a relationship.

To win your ex back for the third time you should work with your issues.

It`s quite important to work with yourself for making a new happy relationship with your ex.

Another important thing can be a strong influence from her family or friends. They can hate a man and try to destroy a relationship. In that case, a man needs to decrease their influence or improve his relationship with them.  

There can be a lot of difficult situations. If you don`t work with a root of problems in a relationship, you`ll be able to repeat the breakup experience. Change yourself for being in a happy relationship. You can handle this instead of putting yourself in a painful experience.

If you have any questions you can leave your comments under this article, I will answer you as soon as I can.

Frequently Asked Questions

1)     Can a relationship work after several breakups?

Yes, it`ll be able to work, if you solve problems in a relationship.

2)     Can I get her back after two breakups?

Yes, you can get her back, but if you want to be in a long happy relationship, you`ll have to work with a root of problems in your relationship.

3)     Why did she break up with me again?

She feels positive and negative emotions, that`s why she can`t decide to be with you or not to be. Without you, she missed positive emotions with you and wanted you back.

When you were together she felt unhappy about something and wanted to leave you. This mixed association creates inner conflicts in her head and a woman can act very strange.

4)     Do exes come back a third time?

If you change yourself and influence her emotions in the right way, she`ll come back.

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