Making up with your wife, if things have come to separation, will not be easy. However, you should not be disappointed because in most cases you can make it up to her, restore your relationship, and make it even better.

In order to do so, it is necessary to, first of all, understand the problem that has led to the current situation.

After all, your big task is not only to make up with your beloved one and to continue with a relationship where you already had a lot of problems and to some extent were both unhappy, but to find a way towards satisfaction, joy and happiness in the relationship, so that you both feel great and pleased.

Therefore, it is important to understand the cause of the problems that you are having with your wife.

With that being said, here are some following reasons why your wife may have left:

1) Cheating.

Ironically, both parties are guilty in cases of cheating. It is more of a consequence than the root cause.

As a rule, men are typically pushed into the act of cheating due to a lack of affection or need that is not met within the family unit. It is possible that many men feel guilty about performing this kind of action. However, I recommend that you remove a little bit of the heavy burden of responsibility. Just like yourself, your wife is also guilty of the fact that you cheated. It’s just that you didn’t know how to really make each other happy. You lost something very important, from the beginning of your relationship. Instead of changing the situation, you decided to move on to another woman. It wasn’t done to ruin your marriage and to hurt your wife, it was done to make yourself happier. After all, you lacked something that was very important to you.

Actually, your motive was positive, you wanted to make yourself happy. However, in this decision, it turned out to be too much. That is why we find ourselves in a not so pleasant situation. I am not trying to convince you to give up on the desire to make yourself happy. I am asking you to try to find an opportunity to make yourself happy after restoring your relationship with your wife. To achieve this, you must work to improve your relationship.

A woman sees betrayal and cheating, as one of the strongest indicators that she is not appreciated and valued. And if she is not appreciated, she can easily be forsaken and be traded for someone else. This is a very strong and general fear and pain among women.

The good news here is that women know how to forgive and they can believe that you have truly changed and that it is possible to build a new, happy relationship with you. However, if you just come and say so to her face, she won’t believe it. You need to demonstrate it to her in another way and prove it. You need to prove it not by running after her with gifts and flowers, and begging her to come back. As you’ve probably noticed, not only does it not work, it just keeps her far away from you.

You need another way to influence her, and later in the article, this will be explained. For now, you need to understand the reasons for the breakup.

2) The loss of strong attractive male features. Loss of leadership in the relationship.

This is also one of the most popular reasons for the separation of couples. At the beginning of the relationship, the man was dominant, confident and interesting. With time, he may have allowed his wife the initiative to make decisions. He may start being jealous on every occasion, saying that he does not feel valued. The truth is that he stopped feeling valuable in the relationship, and now he shows his wife that he actually is not very valuable, but that she is very important. This immediately creates huge problems in the relationship. After all, women love men who appreciate and value themselves. If anything stated in this paragraph is missing, then the relationship is falling apart.

3) A lot of work and stress. Negativity among the couple and little entertainment. Sometimes the substitution of money-related entertainment is emotionally important for the woman.

Many men dive into their work, forgetting about entertainment. He may be working hard for a brighter future but forgetting about the needs of his wife and children. Women want men to plan interesting times with her, and not only provide fur coats, iPhones and cars. After all, it is important for the wife that her husband is interesting and pleasant, and there is a great activity that they can enjoy. Otherwise, this leisure time can first be spent with friends, and then with other men.

Please watch this video, before you continue reading:

How to Win Your Wife Back During Separation 

In order to reconcile with your beloved wife, you need to create a new attractive image which will attract her.

The thing is, currently she has expectations such as – if she goes back to the relationship she will once again be hurt, and she will once again be disappointed and experience negative boredom emotions and will be sad.

For winning your wife back, you need to create a new expectation for your beloved, that in the new relationship with you, she will be well off and that she will no longer have all of the negative emotions that she fears.

To do so, you would like indirect ways that to influence her, so that she will imagine a cheerful future with you and how well off she will be regarding such ways, we are going to tell you later in the following articles.

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