In this case, there is no universal, one hundred percent guaranteed advice on how to fix your relationship with an Aries woman, since her mood can change rather quickly. For example, at this time, she may behave very seriously, and she may appear inaccessible. With time, however, she will become quite cheerful and open. However, on the other hand, she will always be true to her principles and wishes. If she’s jealous, it’s not because she’s insecure. It’s actually true that she does not understand why there is more interest in others than in her. She wants to be the center of attention, and adoration, so that compliments and admiration are directed at her. At the same time, she can show willfulness, selfishness, and thus, disregard a man’s devotion.

How to Win Back an Aries Woman After a Breakup?

Do not give in to emotions or impulsivity so that you do not make unnecessary decisions that you may regret later. It is better to stay patient and take the wait-and-see position, without being annoying and obsessive. It is better to think about your future actions carefully.  Especially, if she used to be really into someone else.

When showing her your devotion, try not to humiliate yourself or beg as this is not a good idea because she won’t like a man who oversteps his pride and shames himself.

In this case, it is more useful to show more strength, and self-esteem. Show her that you have other more valuable interests and goals in life. She really likes qualities relating to inner character strength, confidence, pride, and mystery.

At first, it is useful to behave coldly with her. Champagne and candy will be good presents for her later on. In the meantime, behave humbly, communicate calmly, and keep all of your emotions to yourself. Surround yourself with interesting people and tasks. This way, she will be watching you, and she may rethink her decision to break up.  She will question whether she was behaving herself, or overreacting.  As they say, ‘everything is known in comparison,’ when we have something, we do not appreciate it, but only after losing it, do we notice what we have lost. Let her feel exactly what she has lost.

If she is to your attention and gifts, let it be known that the gifts will be for another woman now. One option would be to meet her friend and proceed to give her the same exact gifts. A curious Aries will immediately ask what is it and who it is from. As a result, once again, she will think about you and your actions. However, such a method is good only if she is not in love with another man.

Show her that you are better than others. Change your image and adjust your lifestyle with new activities and hobbies that will benefit everyone. The main thing is to show her more, so that she can compare and understand who exactly she has lost.

An Aries woman is not a stranger when it comes to competition, with a sense of ownership and the desire to always merge as a winner. All of this will wake up in her when she realizes how dear and valuable you are in her life. After a certain time, she will begin to remember all of the good time and memory that was spent together and will see that now your attention is focused on a different woman. Here, once again, she will want to be the winner and come back to you. Through this process, she will gain her interest in you back naturally. Since she doesn’t like losing those who are dear to her, she will want to talk to you more often.

In order for her to always be with you, do not criticize her or make her jealous. Instead, try to organize unforgettable romantic evenings for you to spend together.

How to Make Up With an Aries Woman After a Breakup?

An Aries woman is different than others due to her mood swings. On one hand, she likes to receive compliments and conquer men’s hearts, but on the other, she is too stubborn, selfish, and is physically not able to tolerate loyalty and love for a long period of time.

An Aries lady, from time to time, likes to show off in front of men in bright dresses and short skirts– she desires attention and admiration, therefore without it, she simply fades and begins to actually feel bad. So the man, who wants to be near her even after arguments, needs to be humble and patiently wait, in order to discover if she has moved on to another.

As a matter of fact, an Aries, although it is not easy, is possible to get back in a relationship with. Therefore, you should not doubt whether it is possible to win her back, even after a divorce. The main thing is to behave properly and in accordance with the nature of the zodiac sign. But note that if she appears to be in a serious relationship with another person, you will have to be patient and wait.

In some situations, it is quite difficult to make up with her after a breakup and it is not worth it to do so. This is especially if she is passionate about someone else. If she is very dear and important to you, your heart itself will tell you and let you know how to win back her love and how to make up with her. You should make an effort to learn her character in order to earn an Aries love and respect.

Before you try to win back an Aries lady, think about the disadvantages and problems in your relationship.

How often did you let out your negativity on her? Have you ever been depressed for a long period of time and she was tired of it? Or maybe you were picking on her flaws? These occurrences in large amounts are simply not allowed with Aries brides or wives.

Women do not tolerate such negativity. They can tolerate it for some time and then they will run away from the relationship and no flowers, gifts, or begging will make them change their mind.

The following mistake is very common among men: to lose their attractive manly qualities, that she originally appreciated and loved. In such cases, women often say, that they stopped loving him because they have lost their feelings of attraction. The thing is that the woman does not understand what is happening, but her emotions are affected in a way so that she is no longer attracted to the man.  It is important for a man to be a leader in the relationship: to be able to defend his rules and boundaries. If a man forgets how essential it is to make a woman feel good about herself, after a certain time, she loses interest and attraction in him. Attraction is not a choice that women make, it truly just happens. Therefore, in order for it to be present, it is important to influence her emotions in the right way.

These are just examples of the mistakes, that could have been in the relationship.

To find many of them, you can write out the cause of the last 15 fights and arguments as well as all of your loved one’s complaints. By writing out these things that she was unhappy about, you can realize a solution to these issues so that once again, you can capture her attraction and the desire to be with you.

To do so, you will need to create a new attractive image and influence her through indirect ways. Simply saying that everything will change, everything will be different, and to come back – will not work. It is necessary to show that you have changed, without falling into a state of need, and have a great desire to convince her. Leave your previous understanding of the logic behind, because you will need to understand the woman’s emotions if you wish to be successful.

Most likely your Aries ex, at this point, has formed a protective emotional wall. This wall is created from pain and frustration, that she has experienced in recent times.

Attempts to destroy it, communicating with her logically or putting pressure on her – are guaranteed to be a failure.

To remove it, you will need to cause certain emotions, create a new image of your relationship, where everything will be good, and the negativity, pain, and frustration will go away. Then your chances to restore the relationship will highly increase.

I recommend you to watch this video. It can help to make her love you again.

You can cause this reaction by dedicating time and an amount of sensitivity to her emotions and inner thoughts. Your task is to, first of all, remove the cold wall of detachment, and then use the right influence on her emotions so that she will be attracted to you.

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21 thoughts on “How to Get Back an Aries Woman After a Breakup?

  1. Trying to make Aries jealous with another woman extremely bad idea. Actually a bridge burner and if you were cold or standoff in the relationship and that was the reason for breakup you actually need to show the complete opposite be open and vulnerable about your emotions even beg it will work. If you were begging ajd already open then be calm and collected after breakup.

  2. I have dated aries woman 2 and half years I made the mistake in the beginning of not being completely honest about how my mother felt about her and bringing family around her thinking it was gonna be good it didn’t happen stuff started falling apart I just want her back I wasn’t trying to lose that is what it was I feel bad can you help me get her back

    1. Hello, Marquis
      What were the reasons she left you? What did she say?

  3. I have been with an Aries girl for 4 years , we are on a break but she has been avoiding me and moved out already. Blocking me on social media. I mistreated her getting angry at little things which caused her withdraw from me . Now she said she changed and different like she has a wall protecting herself from getting hurt by me can I get her back

    1. Hello, Shawn
      What were the reasons she left you? Why she was unhappy?

      1. She said she wasn’t happy and I wasn’t affection . In a way I neglected her by working too much . I didn’t listen to her nor respect her I feel like after we broke up

        1. Can you be friends with her? Can you speak with her or send text messages?

          1. I’m in the same situation and yes I can talk to her and communicate.. what do you suggest I do

          2. You need to show positive changes in yourself. You need to become more attractive in her eyes.
            Send me an email and I will send you the first chapter of my book” Get Your Girlfriend Back”

          3. can i contact with you please ?

  4. My ex just changed ten days before we were suppose to meet on a trip. We were distant for three months, in different countries. We had a very intense communication, future plans and suddenly she wanted to be less present. Some things happened to her that triggered that and I backed up a little when she said she wanted to be less communicative in distance. We met on the trip and she said she wasn’t present. We tried to be like we imagine everyday for the last three months but it was a disaster, as she was different, we were different, so we separated and I continue my trip until today. It felt good actually. I know she has good consideration for me, she tried to go against what she was feeling in order to work between us.. I am not forcing nothing now. I love her and for that I prefer to give her space and that also protects me from generating expectations. I said I accepted her being absent in terms of sentiment, but I said to her that I will be invisible in communication for sometime. She is sending me messages saying thank you for crossing her path, that I am wonderful and that she is sorry for being like this emotionally but now it’s like that etc. I feel like a farewell but also a string wanting to connect me. I am not responding to any of it, because I feel I would make a mistake, being needy, or feeding my desire to be with her. I think I am not attractive to her at this time. Our sexual energy was amazing and when we met it was tense, in a bad way. I think I am making the script right, but I don’t know at the same time what I want, since my trust is in a strange place. So I prefer having this feeling of loosing her , and move on, rather being stuck in a ln emotional trap, where I won’t grow with this unexpected break up. I choose to grow, being free, the future doesn’t exist, just here and now… Any advice?

    1. Hello, X

      Can you describe in detail what happened on your trip? Why couldn`t you find a compromise?

  5. I did a beginner mistakes while broke up with her a weeks ago, i did beg,cry, and bought gifts to her. And she did told me its her being selfish, she need to be find herself, she felt I owned her and lost herself, she told me to not looking for her anymore, yet till an hour ago i still texted her.
    All I did right was just apologize to her for all my mistakes. I don’t know what to do. I lost myself, yes, many advices told me go out, i did, still in despair once got home. Find something new to do, I did, went out and out of sudden want go back home so bad and just sleep. I miss her, I really want her back, i wrote down all my mistakes and what she want so i could be better man for her. But now i just lost

  6. I was about to get into a relationship with an Aries woman that I fell for, I got jealous and vented my frustrations of such, she took it as me directing my anger at her when I wasn’t trying to, perhaps I did unintentionally. She left, I begged for her back and kept messaging her and asked her to just block me on social media because I was hurting a lot. I tried to give her 3 days without talking so she could have some space.. I felt we had a really deep and special connection not found often, I just hope she will eventually come back and try to start fresh because I want her back more than anything. Is there anything I can do or any tips/advice other than me working on myself?

    1. You need to wait for 3 weeks with no contact rule. After that, you`ll need to show positive changes in yourself.

  7. Me and my ex were really in a deep connnection, but I (scorpio) often was too jealous, and we broke up a couple times where I always went to her to fix things talking logically, she came back to me but it was different then, now we are in quarantine e after the last argument she left via in messages telling me we changed, she doesn’t feel the same things as before. In the same time she really really want to talk me in person, and she was very strange these days, sometime we chat and she is still in love, sometime she is back to her feelings of rejectio , The longest time we have been without talking was a week, I think, and just last night she said to me she dreamed about us, and today she is back to her old conception… sorry for my english, but I don’t know what to do now

  8. Hi I was fixed up with a busy successful Aries woman. We hit it off but did not sleep together for about a month after meeting. We live in different states, but travel to see each other is not an issue. I am a Leo and love cook dinner for her after a long day at work, clean and do projects for her. I felt like I was making a difference in her life by taking care of some of the things on her plate. She always showed her appreciation, but then later would say things like, I feel smothered, you need to back off , I need space, and stop doing things for me etc. She would say things like, I feel like you expect me to check in with you, so i stop calling stop texting and within a day couple day she is calling, texting, Sexting. She has me on the roller coaster and says one thing but means another I don’t get it. That being said she is an amazing woman and has touch my heart. I have always told her that I am willing to put in the work to make our relationship a success. Do I keep the non contact thing going? What is your advise? One more thing…Im retired and have nothing but time and she works as a nurse and has a couple business that she runs. Please help.

    1. Hello, Justin. You don`t need no contact period. You need to spend time with her without doing a lot for her.
      She doesn`t want a lot of care from you.

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