First of all, winning back an Aquarius woman, as well as to make up with her, is very problematic. There is a lot of inconsistency in her preferences, hobbies, and relationships. Her character is very unpredictable. It is hard to understand and predict what her next action will look like. But she likes it when her life is full of surprises, originality and all the unusual.

How to Win Back an Aquarius Woman After a Breakup

Despite the instability in the love relationship, of course, she needs love, care, and attention. But not the typical love, but original, unusual, and close to her ideal.

And if a man could be able to look and behave like her ideal, then she might come back to him. But in order for this to happen, it is necessary for him to understand and feel her complex nature. To understand when it is necessary to show support, tenderness, care, without limiting her in anything, not to suppress her, and avoid driving her into strict behavior boundaries.

It’s not wise to think that she will tolerate restrictions, and her patience will sooner or later come to an end. She won’t contemplate for long, whether to stay or leave. She makes the decision to leave spontaneously and unexpectedly. Her whole life is full of spontaneous and unexpected situations and decisions.

How to Win Back the Heart of an Aquarius Woman

  • First of all, you will have to make the first step yourself in order to make up. Do not delay your moves, otherwise, an Aquarius woman can quickly find a replacement such as a more interesting and sociable partner. She will not sit alone without communication for a long time.
  • It is possible that you will have to, once again, do everything that you did when you first met and wanted to attract her attention.
  • The process of getting her back should not be the classical and standard one. If you are picking out gifts or flowers, then they should be unusual, something original. For socializing, lively places are suitable, where she will feel comfortable. On the other hand, a quiet and calm environment that will bring up emotions and memories will act negatively on her.
  • If it is possible, fulfill her unusual and original ideas or wishes. She loves everything that is original, unusual, and not standard. Something that can be a surprise.
  • Picture that you have just met. Surprise her with your mysterious image, there must be something unexplainable in your behavior that can capture her interest, to understand and unravel you once again. By doing this, she will begin to get used to you and become attached. However, a complete attachment will only appear if you give her complete freedom.
  • It is usually believed that if a person is given complete freedom of his actions, then he will leave. With Aquarius women, however, it is the opposite. This is met with the obligatory condition that she will have real and true feelings for the man. Surely, it is typical for her to have uncertainty in communication, but she loves to chat about various topics.
  • She will not want to lose someone who was able to fulfill her desires and dreams, making them a reality. Who has become her soul mate? With whom she feels like one, calm and fully comfortable. Who understands and accepts her for who she is. And then, even after a breakup, she will still come back to you, of course, if she still loves you.

It is important to note, that this article only contains a description of the zodiac sign. With that being said, it describes only the position of the sun in the zodiac sign. There are many other planets and aspects involved in the formation of the character, behavior, habits, and the person as a whole.

How to Make Up with an Aquarius Woman After Break Up

In order to make up with your beloved Aquarius, you need to create a new attractive image that will catch her attention.

The thing is that she has expectations such as – if she returns to the relationship she will, once again, be hurt, and she will be disappointed and experience negative boredom emotions and will be unhappy.

For her to come back, you need to create new expectations for your beloved, that in the new relationship with you, she will be well off and that she will no longer have all of the negative emotions that she fears.

To do so, you need indirect ways to influence her, so that she will imagine a happy future with you. These indirect methods of influencing will be greatly explained in the following articles.

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