It’s difficult, if not impossible, to get back a Capricorn woman after a breakup. It takes such a woman some time to analyze her relationship and make a decision to separate, but if she has already made this decision, nothing can stop her. She always stays true to her choices and is rarely open for discussion about them. Always remember that it’s easier to keep her and make things better before she makes up her mind to separate – there’s still a chance to get her feelings back.

How to Get a Capricorn Woman Back after a Breakup

Even if a Capricorn woman still has feelings for a man, she will never show them, because she’s very restrained in her character and can even be cold. This lack of passion can at times become the reason for a fight.

In reality, she believes that love and feelings should be shown in practical moments of life. For her, to love means to live with a man, take care of their home, cook dinners for him and raise children. Passion and turbulent emotions are rare in her life, so if a man requires them, the couple will not avoid frequent fights.

What Do I Do to Get Back a Capricorn Woman?

  • First of all, you need to accept her the way she is. Don’t get mad at her, don’t bother her, don’t tell her that she’s too cold, too serious, or lacking emotions.
  • It’s pointless to accent your attention on her emotions and feelings, or talk about femininity. She can take such talks as you trying to pressure her into something. She doesn’t like talking about feelings, for her, a conversation should be straight to the point, and not something that’s practically beating around the bush.
  • She can’t be bought with expensive presents – she will consider these as a sign that you don’t know how to manage money. In her opinion, a man should know how to be frugal.
  • If during your relationship together her beliefs and principles are not respected, she will not throw a fit, but will quietly leave, stopping all communication with the man that disappointed her.
  • If she’s not seriously upset, she can still continue the relationship, but she will be more critical to a possible future together with you. She could even start testing you. In this case, you will need to use the same methods you used when you tried to win her over at the beginning of your relationship.
  • If you broke up for a serious reason, it will be practically impossible to get back together with her.
  • In any case, she will have to be sure that her man changed for the better and follows her criteria.
  • You may even want to avoid seeing her for a while and then appear in front of her in your new image, the one she wants to see.
  • But there’s a condition – the image has to be real, not fake. She will notice any deception very quickly and will never give you a second chance.
  • You can also surprise her with gestures that she thinks a real man should make. She will appreciate care and attention, communication about practical topics, and your involvement in her problems.
  • The most important thing is that she notices how serious you are, that you can be relied upon to help and protect her. She needs to know that her man takes care of important things, that he doesn’t make promises without following through, and that he’s not afraid of responsibility. Only then could a Capricorn woman decide to reconcile.
  • However, there’s an important condition to all that: her feelings for you still need to be alive, and the breakup couldn’t have happened because you cheated on her. She will never forgive infidelities.

How to Reconcile with a Capricorn Woman

You need to create a new and attractive image of yourself to reconcile with a Capricorn woman. This image needs to lure her in, make her want to be with you. The thing is that she’s expecting pain, negative emotions, boredom and disappointment if you get back together. It’s important to give her new expectations about the new relationship with you. She needs to be sure that she will be happy and can avoid all the negativity she’s expecting.

To make her feel that, you need to use indirect methods of influence, so she clearly imagines a happy future together. We will talk about such methods of influence in our future articles.

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