To understand how to get a Scorpio woman back into your arms and restart a good relationship with her, you need to understand her character and temperament better. Then you’ll see what mistakes you’ve made and be able to fix the situation. Life is an interesting thing and many different scenarios can play out in it. Couples separate, often not knowing why. It could be that both of the partners just started to nag on each other and couldn’t stop arguing. A lot of times, nothing serious, like cheating or betrayal, happens in a relationship to break it apart. And after some time passes, one of the partners understands that he made a mistake, that he lost his other half, but he doesn’t know how to get her feelings back. In this article, we’ll look at how to make a Scorpio woman fall back in love with you.

First of all, you have to be sure of yourself, because a Scorpio woman is looking for someone who’s just as strong as she is. So get rid of your shyness and show her who you really are. Remember, all people born under the Scorpio sign are possessive, and your woman is not an exception. But she’s also tender and sensitive, so your behavior needs to show her that you are not thoughtless, and that you will guarantee her stability in the relationship. You also need to take on certain responsibilities, because creating a strong family is impossible without that.

If you want to stay in a relationship with a Scorpio, you should understand that this zodiac sign doesn’t like to compromise, and you will need to do what she wants at times. If she means something to you, you will obey her wishes. A Scorpio woman will not accept coldness, indifference, or negligence as far as she’s concerned. If you decided to cheat, or even flirt a little, it can become the end of your relationship. Such a woman won’t accept betrayal and can even get back to you for it.

For a woman born under this sign, it’s very important that her man pays her attention, is romantic, and has open and clear emotions. You will need to give her more gifts and surprise her more often – create unforgettable evenings for her, but don’t reveal your plans until the very end. Scorpio women like and appreciate that kind of treatment.

How to restore your relationship with a Scorpio woman after you broke up or had a fight

If you already broke up with her, none of the above will work until you get her back.

Men often say that they’ll change and the relationship will be different, but then they make the same mistakes. And how could you believe someone who promises something and does the opposite? Unfortunately, many men forget about that, trying to make a woman happy only when the relationship is on a brink of a breakup. Then they stop doing what can really help improve their marriage and get back happiness into their partnership.

How to make up with a Scorpio woman a breakup

There can be many reasons for a conflict with a Scorpio because they have a very peculiar, and at times difficult character. It can be tough living next to a representative of this sign. All you have to do is openly show your disobedience, make one negative remark, and a conflict is on its way.

Nevertheless, Scorpio women don’t make decisions to break up while they are emotional. She will not take this step without a reason, which may seem untrue to her partner. Scorpios are extremely emotional and a hurricane inside their heart can start with something small and minuscule. When they are in a fight, Scorpio women can remember all past sins of their partners – these tender creatures can also hold a grudge.

Scorpios hate it when their business is discussed in public. They don’t like to look like they deserve pity or compassion, or simply be the object of everyone’s interest. Even when their personal life is completely falling apart, they try to make it so that no one knows about it. Scorpio women aren’t hysterical and scandalous when they are in a fight, but they can stay quiet for a very long time. When they leave, they are also quiet and full of dignity, but if they hold a grudge, they can easily remind you of themselves and do it in the worst way.

If this happened, you will need time to restore the relationship. I recommend you take a break for a couple of weeks and then show her that you really changed, that you dealt with the negative traits of your character.

You will need to analyze the problems in your relationship and figure out why she decided to leave, if you want to get a Scorpio woman back. If you don’t clearly see the reasons for your breakup, trying to get her back will be similar to trying to break a cement wall with your head.

If the fault is fully on you, it will be very difficult to convince her to get back into a relationship with you. First, you will need to work on yourself and on getting rid of your shortcomings. Only when you have results should you contact her with an attempt to make up.

It’s pointless to try and convince her that you changed, you will need to show it to her by influencing her opinion in an indirect way.

It’s a mistake to appeal to the female soft side, including begging and promising eternal love. Of course, it’s important to show her that you love her and that your feelings for her are serious, but if you are already breaking up, this can only create more damage. Never humiliate yourself – people born under the Scorpio sign consider this unacceptable.

Deep inside many women want to see their partner defeated, but this won’t help get a Scorpio woman back for a long time – they can be disappointed when they see their partner in such a position. Scorpios are born manipulators, they like to feel a power in their hands, but when they see a man being fully submissive and giving them everything they want, their interest may die out and they may switch their attention to a new object.

It will also be a mistake to make a Scorpio woman jealous, because the representatives of this sign consider their man their property. If he’s frivolous in his communication with other women, it can make her disappointed and squeamish. She won’t jump into a fight for you, if that’s what you expect, especially, because Scorpio women usually have many admirers.

Before you try to get a Scorpio woman back, think about your shortcomings and the problems you had in your relationship. Were you negative towards her often? Were you often depressed or feeling low? Did she get tired of that? Or maybe you were picking on her negative sides? Such behavior is unacceptable with a Scorpio woman.

Women can’t stand constant negativity. They can tolerate it for some time, but will eventually run away from the relationship, and no flowers, gifts, or begging will convince them to stay.

Another mistake that many men make is losing their attractive traits of character, for which the woman valued and loved them. In such cases, a woman will often say that she no longer loves the man, that she has no attraction or feelings for him. The thing is that most often she doesn’t understand what’s going on herself. She just stops being attracted. It’s important that the man is the leader in a relationship, that he stands his ground. If he forgets about his own interests and raises his woman’s value to unnatural heights, in some time she will lose interest. Attraction is not logical – to have it, her emotions need to be influenced in the right way.

This is just some of the examples of the mistake that a man can make in a relationship.

You can evaluate such reasons if you write out the last fifteen arguments you’ve had, and all of the complaints that she voiced. Write down what she wasn’t happy about and you may be able to understand how to fix the situation, how to make her want you and want to be with you.

You will have to create your new and attractive image, as well as influence her in indirect ways. Remember that it won’t work just telling her that you changed. You need to show her that it’s so, without falling into despair or being needy. Leave the logic to men, it’s important to play on emotions when it comes to women.

It’s likely that your ex has built a protective wall around her. This wall is made of pain and disappointment that she felt when she was with you at the end of the relationship. Trying to break this wall through logic or pressure won’t work.

You will need to play on her feelings, create a new image of yourself and your relationship, and show her that she will be happy again, that there will be no pain or disappointment anymore. Then your chances will go up dramatically.

To do this you need to push certain emotional buttons that every woman has. Your goal is to first destroy the wall of alienation, and then correctly influence her emotions so she feels attracted by you once again.

I recommend you to watch this video. It can help to make her love you again.

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35 thoughts on “How to Get Back a Scorpio Woman after Break Up

  1. My Scorpio ex left me and she is now dating another man. Webmaster still communicate a lot. She said we can just be friends. But I love and want her back in my life.

    1. Hello, Robin.
      What were the reasons she left you? Why was she unhappy with you?

  2. I known my Scorpio woman for two years. She’s very private. She’stold me she only WANG’S TO BE FRIENDS. But I want more. Scare deeply about her. I worship the ground she walks on. Our friendship been up and down. I want to be with her all the time. I have a tendency to push. I want immed. ate answers. She’s day’s She’s scared of .me. she told me I will call u when I’m available? She said she want”s to be friends, made a comment I’ll never change. And she want”s space. I do want to change. When we fought she got scared. How do I convince her I care about her. For some reason I want quick answers? She’s thinks I’ll never change but I know I can. What do I do. b

    1. Hello, James
      You need to improve yourself and become attractive to her.

    2. You need to give her space, go to gym, be healthy, let her know that u take care of ur health, wear perfume and attractive clothes, buy her Flores and chocolate and go to her house tell her this ” i’m sorry for everything i just got confused and i messed up, i have feelings for u and i care about u, but i’m not gonna bother u i can be your friend if you want me to, i’m here for you whenever u need me and i mean it, i just want u to be happy” i’m a Scorpio and i know what would melt our hearts say that to her you will melt her heart she will take things slow with u and she will be ur girl for sure just give her time and be nice to her a do what i promised, workout okay best of luck!

  3. Me and my scorpio ex gf broke up. Basically I gave her the silent treatment and was upset at her (it was wrong of me actually) on her birthday. We were eating a her favourite restaurant and I decided to quickly eat, pay the bill and left her there. It was such a douche move and I regret a lot. She blocked me on all social media’s but haven’t blocked my phone number. I tried calling her many times but she never picked up. I texted her telling her I was sorry and that I will prove to her I will be a better communicator. She basically said to leave her and end it. Should I just stop calling her?

    1. Hello, James.
      I think you should write a letter about your changes and the way you improved yourself after that story. If you don`t change yourself, there won`t be reasons for getting back.

      1. Thanks I will. Just a little update, she blocked me after I attempted many phone calls but she unblocked me after which I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or not. Sent her a message on WhatsApp which she never read in the beginning but a week after it was read. Currently I’m taking a break and focusing on myself and will contact her when I feel it’s good for both of us.

          1. Hello again Sergio,

            I have mailed her the letter and she did read it but never contacted me. After a week or so I decided to wait for her in front of her place. She was surprised to see me but also stunned. It was a cold night so I took my jacket off and covered her. She never resisted so I asked if she would like to get in my car to talk, she first said no but later agreed. I apologized sincerely and explained what I did wrong and the things I’ve changed. She said she lost her trust and she doesn’t see me changing. She also said that for a month of break up feels to her like a day. I asked if she still loves me t what she said no, but changed her mind and said it’s not important anymore. I asked if I can talk to her tmw and she said no as she wanted space. I said what about next week to which she says she doesn’t know. In the end, she had to go so I walked her up the door and said good night to which she replied drive safe. While we were talking, I felt she was getting teary and she wasn’t able to look at me almost the entire time. After our last encounter, I’ve msged her a few times in a span of a week, asking if she can meet. She finally replied and said she won’t meet but said she will reply the email I’ve sent her a while back. It’s been a week and I haven’t received any emails nor did I contact her. What should I do? New Years is coming and I would like to msg her but I feel like i shouldn’t

          2. You keep looking needy in her eyes and didn`t show positive changes. Why should she come back to you?

  4. My ex is a scorpio and she went into a relationship with me as she felt that I was very nice to her and she was comfortable with it. It resulted in us not having the fundamental connections that she wants.

    Three years into the relationship, she initiated a break up citing that she still has love for me but it is not enough for her to continue being in one with me. She acknowledges that I love her a lot and that my love for her was warm and assuring but she chose to walk as the connections weren’t there.

    1. Hello, Jaysen.
      This sounds like you don`t value yourself enough in this relationship and she wants to find a man with high self-esteem.

  5. A Scorpio woman left me all of sudden since she couldn’t get over her ex and she needed some time to see her feelings about me again even though we’re quite well to build a trust friendship and relationship in respect while texting and talking over the phone over months in sharing pictures and all our schedules to open up. She sometimes talked about a marriage and a future she would think of it with me but sadly she left because of her ex, she’d like to have me as a friend not let me go instead.

    1. Hello, Eden

      How can you become more attractive in her eyes?

  6. My scorpio woman left me after six months just saying to me she does not having feelings for me and does not love me.Tried to contact her but it’s like she just despises me.i did not do anything wrong.

    I tried to get back but she blocked me from social media.
    How do I get her back?

  7. Hey I cheated on my girlfriend I confessed it to her we had a son together I’m a Aries she’s a Scorpio I really love her still but she says she hates me and wants nothing to do with me its been 2.5months and she has been using my son against me. posting pictures of her kissing another man she is legitly trying to hurt me I’m convinced but I am determined to wait and fix the relationship because I love her and my son and want to give them the life I’d never had

    1. You need to show positive changes in yourself for getting her back.

  8. My scorpio gf send me message that we can be friends.This happened as result of a call from my ex-gf after 4 months.Well I met my gf only 3 months.I try to explain to her but she message me to respect her decesions.I am very sad and clueless and alot of people arround me teasing me and making fun of my relationship.I am having very stress due to the incident occoured.Could please advise me what should I do.

  9. My Scorpio woman and I had various conflicts over a year, she left me and came back once…we had trust issues going on and we always had fights everyday…but always patched up in the end…and now she got fed up of it and wanted nothing to do with me…and she wanted to focus on her career now…she keeps our conversation to a minimum so that we don’t fight with each other and despises the thought of love…I want to remove the bad impression I created and get back with her…help me

    1. Hello, Harshan
      What kind of help do you need?
      You need to work on yourself and show positive changes. This can make her believe in a possible happy future with you.

  10. We broke up because she said she wanted to work on herself and that I had con (ones I can change), 4 days later we met up and she said she wanted to work on things then 2 weeks later she said that she no longer wanted to do so. It’s been a month now and I called her to see how she is and stuff, she believes that she does not want to work on things and I’ve bettered myself so I know things will be fine but she can’t seem to see it. She’s being stubborn and believes that things can’t work while she wants to work on herself.

    What should I do?

    1. Hello, Jefferson Marcos

      How did you show your changes to her?

  11. My Scorpio gf left me for the 2nd time back in dec for another man. I was being the best bf. She wanted to move forward w marriage and kids and getting our own place and I guess she was tored of me being stagnant. She started to talk to a guy from work and was talking to him for about 1.5 months and then she left me for him. We got back together after 14 months apart and were back together for another 1.5 years. Before that we were together 5 years. Idk. I havent heard from her since December 2019. Im pretty sure it’s over. Idk how she could just forget me for another guy. She loved me so much. Any help? Thanks

    1. You can write to me and will send you the first chapter of the book “Get Your Girlfriend Back”.
      Email me at and write that you need the first chapter. I will send it to you.

  12. My name is Dexter I am trying to get my Scorpio girlfriend back we’ve been together for about nine months we had some arguments we just broke up like 3 days ago she just reach out to me today because I text her to see if she will talk to me we talked about the relationship and she said that I was making her feel like she was being like blocked in like I am controlling she says that she don’t want to see me right now she can’t deal with that right now but we could continue to be friends on Facebook and text each other she is 43 and I am 35 I am a Virgo a lot of her friends be influencing her to I think I took her phone a couple of times she feel as though that I don’t respect her and I do have trust issues a little bit but I know I love her and she loves me but right now it’s like she is cold like she don’t even want to see me right now but she did give me a chance to talk on the phone today with her for about 2 hours and just talk I see a lot of the things I did wrong within the three days of us not talking but she said she will think about us getting back but she said she needs some space and she will have to see the change and not me just saying it and away both of us did things in the relationship that was wrong in the beginning she caught me texting another woman and she forgave me like 3 weeks ago I caught her texting another man and I can gave her because she forgave me the one time I never hit her but she has hit me before and pulled a knife on me but she say she only did that off of my reaction when she told me to leave the house I won’t go and a few other things sometimes she don’t communicate I don’t know what to think I don’t know if it’s just her or is something else going on but I need some help in this area can you let me know what I can do I’m still friends with her on Facebook and text her once after 3 days and she just called me back and I’m in a good position or what do I do next

    1. Hello, Dexter.

      You need to improve yourself and show her changes.

  13. Hi my name is Wilson I had known my Scorpio ex for 5 years we were together for 3. First year was really interesting and it was new and exciting everything felt like it was meant to be. Later on during the first year we started to have arguments because both our family was getting involved with our relationship and we started putting each other down and ended up being abusive and toxic the second year we had a baby boy born 20 of March 2017 after he was born she ended up going through a post natal depression which I didn’t really worry which I should of because I was so happy I had a son after she got over herself she started texting other boys and done of her old school friends. She cheated on me with one of them then she got her act together and stayed with me becoz of our son all the nagging and arguments were still going and she decided to chest in me again with another man we were separated for a whole year because this man wouldn’t leave her do they ended up pregnant to him and then she left him ended up getting back with me so I took very good care of her while she was pregnant to him and then after she had baby she started to go back to her old ways again we had done so many mistakes I had started talking to my ex sex buddy and she ended up going back to the person she had returned back to him again and now she wants to come and live on an farm with our two kids she now with that Same man that she was with when she had her second baby with and now I don’t know what to do she despises me and act stubborn please help me win my ex Scorpio back.

  14. My scorpio girlfriend won’t get over me cheating on her but I love her so dearly. How can I restore our relationship?

  15. My scropio ex left me saying she lost feelings for me we were in long distance relationship but everything was perfect until lack of communication occurred due to her restrictions we tried to solve but she said she lost feelings how do I get her back I really love her

    1. Hello, Tom

      Have you tried to spend time in one area with her after a breakup?

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