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There are a lot of unexpected situations in our lives! Bad things can happen to good people, just like when there is cheating in a marriage.

It can seem like everything was okay just yesterday. Of course, couples have conflicts. Who doesn’t have them in a relationship? But then all of the sudden, he mentions another woman and has now left you. You are alone with the pain now. You don’t know how to live through this.

This is a tough situation. When a husband decides to leave a family after many big conflicts, a wife needs to be ready for this. Sometimes, a wife can be ready for him leaving if she already knows about his cheating. It doesn’t make it feel better, but at least the wife knows about the threat.

Suddenly, it becomes very painful and hurts a great deal. Most women have become depressed, but a strong woman can analyze her case and find the opportunity.

The best option is to get him back from the other woman.

Most women never know how to do this and make a lot of mistakes.

How can a wife avoid making mistakes and fix a marriage?

How To Survive Depression After A Breakup

That’s it. He left. Maybe he said that he loved the other woman and doesn’t love you anymore. How could he leave after so many years of marriage? He swore to be with you, and now he’s not. First comes jealousy, then comes feeling guilty, anger, and pain. What should a wife do with these feelings? If she does nothing, she will suffer too much.

Jealousy is a common emotion in such cases. You have lost your husband because of another woman. How should you react to this? Of course, you’re angry. Feeling guilty is one of the most destructive things in life. You won’t be able to help anyone if you blame yourself. This pain can either destroy you, or you can use it to improve your life. Which way will you choose?

You didn’t know how to build a happy marriage, but now, you can try to fix it. Instead of blaming, you’ll be able to focus on ways to make yourself better and more attractive to him, and other men.

He can only see advantages in the mistress now. He’s forgotten about his wife’s advantages. A man needs more time to realize this in order to start missing his wife. He’ll start to see many disadvantages in the other woman.

A wife can always become the best lover to her husband. On the other hand, a mistress can rarely become a good wife. This is a much more difficult task.

You shouldn’t attack him or try to make him feel bad about his decision. Don’t push him. Don’t beg him for anything. If you do this, you will look too needy for him. A man doesn’t feel an attraction to a needy woman.

Men like women who respect themselves. If you are calm and positive in a conversation with him, he will start thinking about you. The less you contact and speak to him – the more he’ll think about and miss you.

Things You Shouldn’t Do After He Left You

When your husband leaves you, Don’t blame or punish yourself. Everyone can make that mistake. You didn’t know how to save your marriage, this is not your fault, but it’s your responsibility to make yourself happy, more confident, and attractive.

It’s better to handle your pain. Pay more attention to self-improvement.

If your husband sees you being needy, crying, begging, and unsatisfied, he won’t regret his behavior. This means you have to prepare yourself to be more attractive using the right attitude and handling your suffering.

Don’t call or try to speak to the other woman. If a wife tries to fight with the mistress, it won’t make her more attractive to her husband. A husband won’t start loving his wife more when he knows about fighting. He will want to run away from such a woman. It’ll be more difficult to get him back after this.

Drinking alcohol is also a bad idea. This doesn’t help to solve these problems. If a wife drinks alcohol, she’ll be capable of doing a lot of stupid things. The hangover will not help to feel better, but it can make you feel worse. This is one way to be less attractive, less confident, and to have low self-esteem.

You’ll have to take control over your emotions and stop destructive patterns if you want to get your loved one back.

What To Do After He Left You

  1. Try to find out the reasons your husband left you. You can write down the reasons of your last 10 conflicts. What did he tell you he didn’t like during those conflicts? What didn’t he like in you? Why was he unsatisfied in your relationship? Maybe he didn’t feel support or understanding from you. Men want to feel valuable in a relationship. They like compliments and appreciation for their help and behavior. He was very happy at the beginning of your relationship. A wife gave him positive emotions and made him happy. Your husband didn’t feel the same emotions as in the beginning and now he needs someone who can make him feel like that again. Write down all possible reasons, it’ll help you to analyze and fix them. Knowledge is a potential power.
  1. Once you’ve found the reasons, you’ll be able to create a plan on how to handle them. Don’t tell yourself that you know the problems and you will fix them after you get your husband. Most women make this mistake. If you know the problems, this is good, but not good enough. If you really want to have a happy marriage, you’ll have to work on your issues as soon as possible. Don’t even think you’ll be able to do this later. Your pain is fuel for positive changes. Use it to create your own way to a happy marriage and life. Most people change nothing. They just try to get their spouse back and hope for a happy relationship. Hoping doesn’t help you. You need a plan for creating a happy marriage and not only getting him back.
  2. Put away his stuff that can remind you of him. You don’t need to see his tools, photos, and clothes. Don’t send these things to him, men don’t like such behavior. If he needs something, he will come to you. Take this as an opportunity to show him your new image.

How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Your Husband Back

  1. For now, you need a break in order to work on yourself. You both need time to try and change. If you do not actually change in the way you should, he’ll know that he will come back to the same woman and to the same relationship he was unhappy with and tried to avoid in the first place. This is something he does not want.
  1. Work on your self-esteem. If you don’t feel valuable and attractive, why should he? Bad things can happen to anybody. If you lost faith in yourself, it’ll be difficult to be happy and get your spouse back. Make sure to use this technique, especially when the other woman intensifies her attempts to keep your man.
  1. Speak to water. Go to any body of water, such as a spring, river, stream, or just turn on the water in the bathroom. This has to be running water, not a still body of water like a lake, pond, or a pool. Sit down and tell the water everything you think about the mistress – all of the words that come to mind, like what kind of a bitch you think she is. Get rid of all of the hatred and negativity and give it to the water. The water will remove everything from you and take it far away, breaking it against rocks and sand. You can say something like, “I hate her because she’s taken my man!” Don’t be ashamed of what you are saying. We can’t give you all of the possible options due to ethical concerns.
  1. Go out! Spend more time in public places, meet new men. Go out with your friends to interesting events. Don’t just sit at home.
  1. To get him back you will need to show your new and attractive image, and convince him that the negatives that destroyed your relationship before are gone. However, it’s not enough to just tell him about it. You will need to know how to influence him!

8 thoughts on “My Husband Left Me for Another Woman and I Want Him Back

  1. My husband left me for other woman but now he want to fix our marriage but the woman is a problem, she didnt want him to go near me & she is so manipulative, what should i do please help

    1. Go out with your husband on something interesting to you and him.

  2. Me and my ex had been together for 10 years. I stayed with him even I already knew then that he has another woman. We have a one year old son together. The woman claims that their relationship was already a year but we only broke up officially last September. The woman moved in with him. Now I’m getting hot and cold treatment from my ex. There are times that he acted sweet and there are times he acted so distant. I tried not to show any emotions because I don’t want him to think that I’m still waiting for him. Some common friends are telling me that we still have a chance. Do we still have a chance?

    1. Hello, Kristine!
      You`re still have a chance, but you need to pay attention to improve yourself

  3. hi, my husband and i are married for not even 2 years. we needed to move in to his mom place and then the problem started that we almost stopt our sex life because of no privacy, last week i found out he is cheating on me and we had a big fight. he told me there is nothing to fix, he loves this other woman (who is 16 years younger than him)… i dont wanna loose him/us, he is my everything!!! you think i have chances to get him back? he ignores me mostly and is on his phone 24/7 texting with her, i dont get a chance to get his attention… i am so lost… but i love him so much that i will try everything!!!

    1. Hello, Anaid.
      Yes, you have a chance to get him back, but you need a good plan. You need to influence his emotions.

  4. My husband filed for divorce a few months after my daughter was murdered. He has hate for me because he had to give me 800 a month in alimony, 5000 out of his bank account and his truck that was pd off. He has joint custody of my 12 year old son. I tried to make him take me back but he said I had to give him his money and stuff back. He bought a beautiful home and still talks to me but I found out he has been taking my son to dinner with a married woman who he claims is a friend

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