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How to Get Your Wife Back if She Wants a Divorce

Most often, if a woman wants a divorce, the bulk of the blame can be put on the man. A typical woman wants to believe that her husband can change, so usually, a man has all the chances to save his marriage. However, this won’t be easy or quick, and he will have to really try hard. The first thing to do is to try and understand the woman and her reasons for leaving.

Reasons for divorce

Much like it was ages ago, today, for women family is the most important aspect of their lives, and most women can do quite a lot to save it. They can deal with mistresses, become the breadwinner, take care of the children and even solve their husband’s problems if they believe there’s a chance to save the family.

For some time, a woman can accept the negativity that is going on in the family, but at one point she will snap. This means that if a woman wants a divorce, she has very good reasons for it.

Here are just a few common reasons why women usually file for divorce:

  • Some women aren’t ready for family life, although, this is much more common in men than women;
  • She has a lover and wants to live her life with him;
  • She doesn’t want to forgive her husband’s constant cheating;
  • She can’t handle her husband’s alcohol or drug addiction;
  • She doesn’t feel needed or valued. Her husband humiliates her, doesn’t praise her enough, and doesn’t show her that he loves her;
  • Her husband doesn’t understand her and doesn’t want to listen to her problems;
  • The family is stuck in a routine for which neither of the spouses was ready;
  • She needs romance and support, both of which disappeared after the wedding. She feels like now all she does is fulfill her wifely duties;
  • Her husband spends too much time drinking out with his friends;
  • Her husband ignores her wishes and requests.

These aren’t all of the reasons women want to leave, but it is a good place to start. There’s something to think about, though – if she says that she wants a divorce, but takes her time to file for it, she’s manipulating you. This is a great opportunity to find out what she wants and what compromises you can take to save your marriage. Remember, you can solve all the problems that exist in your relationship and save your family! 

How to make your wife change her mind about the divorce

A husband of a wife who no longer wants to be in a relationship with him will need to try very hard and work on himself to keep her.

It’s important to gauge your chances of getting her back. Rarely it can happen that she will not want to reconcile and will leave forever. But most of the time there’s a great chance that you can do something to keep her. Just act according to a good strategy and don’t make mistakes that can worsen the situation.

There’s an important question to ask yourself first: Do you really want to get her back? You need to figure out what your motives are for wanting to reconcile. Sometimes men want to get their wives back because they feel guilty, like if they cheated, for example. But at the same time, they want to be out of the relationship. You need to figure out what you want. Write down all the pros and cons of getting back together, and maybe you will truly understand if it’s really worth getting her back.

She will not return to you if she doesn’t feel happy. Only real love and a good plan on how to get her back will help a man save his family. First, remember to carefully think about whether you really want this. Separation isn’t always a bad thing, and often it happens that getting divorced is the best decision a couple can make, creating fruitful soil for both to start anew and be happy with other people. So remember to weigh all of the pros and cons of being together before you begin.

If you’ve decided that you want to get your wife back, here’s an algorithm:

Figure out the reasons for her wanting a divorce. Why did she leave in the first place? This is a very important question and you need to know the answer if you want to get her back. First, you will need to remove that reason. Otherwise, nothing that you do will have a great effect. Yes, you can get a woman back by promising her the sky and the stars because most women want to believe their husbands. However, in time she will understand that she was deceived and will leave again. This time forever. So it’s important to understand the reasons for her unhappiness and then to remove those reasons.

Here’s an exercise to understand why she left:

Write down ten of your last arguments and the reasons for each of them. See if there’s something that unites them. Also, write down all the negative things she said about your relationship and the criticism she had towards you. What made her unhappy most of the time? Is there something in common among all of the times she wasn’t in her best mood? Usually, women talk most often about the things that eventually lead to a divorce, so if you write everything down, you may find a reason for why your marriage fell apart.

There’s one reason for divorce, however, that can’t be determined through this method.

Give yourself a break and don’t chase her as soon as she left. If both of you are emotional, you need time to rest, calm down, think and figure out what to do. Let the turmoil subside so you can reason with a cool head.

A man can fear that his wife will find someone else while he’s thinking things over. Yes, that’s possible. If a woman meets a man who wants to give her everything she was lacking in her family, she will want to be with him.

However, you shouldn’t despair over this thought. If the woman no longer loves her husband, she will definitely leave and be with the first man who makes her happy, promising her great future and giving her gifts. Don’t blame her for this, but rather behave with dignity. Since husband and wife definitely have to see each other at some point, you need to come up with a good behavior model. Do not beg or threaten her, don’t ask her to come back, don’t tell her about your feelings or try to make her feel pity for yourself. This will only make your relationship worse.

The right way to go is to fix the problems that she saw in your relationship and demonstrate the change to her through indirect ways, such as text messages, letters, or stories from friends.

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Do You Need Someone’s Help?

For many men, it’s difficult to figure out a good plan of action and succeed in getting their love back. It’s natural to need help in pinpointing all the reasons that made her leave and working through them. This is why it’s often recommended to ask for help during such hard times and work with a specialist to determine all the reasons for separation and ways to reconcile.

Remember that not all is lost and most of the time it’s possible to get your wife back, even if you’re already in the middle of a divorce. However, you need to be as prepared as you can be to not repeat the same mistakes when she comes back, and risk to be left with nothing.

How to Make Up with Your Wife During a Separation

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